Individual Therapy for Opioid Use Disorder

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Proudly serving the Claymont, Delaware community, our methadone clinic provides adults struggling with addiction the ability to recover from heroin, oxycodone, Percocet, and other opiates.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

Benefits of Individual Therapy for Opioid Abuse

Those struggling with an addiction must overcome both the physical and emotional components of chemical dependency. Since the causes of addiction are often rooted in psychological and emotional factors, it is important for individuals to receive comprehensive treatment that addresses the many contributors that lead to an addiction. One of the most effective means of addressing and helping patients process such factors is through individual therapy. When individual therapy is included into a patient’s medication-assisted treatment plan, individuals will obtain the emotional and psychological treatment required to enhance and further the recovery process. Individual therapy is a therapeutic method that allows patients to meet with a counselor in a one-on-one environment to openly discuss their addictions, their successes, and their setbacks. Other benefits of individual therapy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Recognizing past traumatic events that may have led to the abuse of substances
  • Developing new points of view in relation to both the obvious as well as potential underlying causes of addiction
  • Creating new, healthy techniques to cope with stress without the aid of substances
  • Developing new strategies for managing future situations in which the use of substances may be present and enticing
  • Creating new personal ambitions for both the present and future

By being able to understand one’s own behaviors, reasoning, emotions, and mindset, patients are able to better understand what caused them to turn to substances in the first place and prepare for futures that are opioid-free. Individual therapy provides patients with the opportunity to openly discuss these components while also gaining a sense of support while growing a therapeutic relationship with their counselor.

Patients who take part in individual therapy will likely experience the following throughout the therapeutic process:

  • An increase in their self-confidence
  • An improvement in their self-esteem
  • A reduction in their levels of stress
  • An increase in their level of self-awareness

Building a Foundation

Building a Foundation for Opioid Abuse Recovery

The dedicated team at Claymont Comprehensive Treatment Center believes that individual therapy provides patients with the solid emotional foundation required to achieve long-term recovery and overcome their addictions to morphine, heroin, and prescription painkillers. By allowing patients the opportunity to process their emotions in a safe environment with a highly qualified counselor, patients can move forward in the recovery process. Our counselors also check in with patients throughout their time with us to address any questions or concerns that may arise during the course of treatment to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality of care available.

If you or someone you love would benefit from the treatment available at Claymont Comprehensive Treatment Center, please contact our intake team today. We are here to help you achieve the happy, healthy, and opioid-free life that you deserve to be living.